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Video: Nintendo reveals Lego Super Mario power-up packs



Nintendo has uploaded a video today showing off some more Lego packs that you’ll be able to get when the Lego Super Mario range launches at the beginning of August. With the Power-Up Packs, you’ll have the option to change Mario’s clothes with the Propeller Mario suit, Cat Mario suit, Builder Mario suit and the Fire Mario suit.

You can check out what each pack does in the promo video below.

6 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo reveals Lego Super Mario power-up packs”

  1. This won’t take off, it’ll sell because of “collection value” or whatever. But it isn’t anywhere near as clever and widely sellable to a larger audience as the regular sets would have been.

    When they first announced this idea, I thought oh man what a great idea and collaboration. Then they revealed what it is…

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