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Pokemon developer Game Freak is on a recruitment drive

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Pokemon developer Game Freak is looking for a number of staff to start work on upcoming projects. Key personnel include programmers, 3D graphic designers, planners, technical artists, and management staff. The interviews for these positions will be held online via video conferencing over two sessions. The first interview session is on 21st – 23rd May and the second interview session is scheduled for 4th – 6th June. Here’s a link to the Japanese vacancies.


18 thoughts on “Pokemon developer Game Freak is on a recruitment drive”

  1. Yall better be making a next gen pokemon while recruiting too. We know how the lack of working on games immediately then it causes a drought for 8 years. So get to it…..

    I dont want the Pokemon fans to pay $450 to play the next generation Pokemon. I want them to pay $59.99.

    1. There has been a mainline Pokemon game released every year since its creation except for 1997, 2001, 03, 05, 07, 2011, 2015.

      Considering what Sword and Shield turned out to be… the argument could be made that they should actually take extra time until the next mainline game so it’s not so… uh… let’s say “underwhelming”.

      1. The DLC is obviously so they don’t have to make a new game this year. DP remakes should come out 2021 and 2022 will be Gen 9 because gens last 3 years. (gen 6: 2013, gen 7: 2016, gen 8: 2019

    2. I would be happy to wait several years to get a really incredible Pokémon game packed with content like they used to be before the 3DS games as we get one every year now and its not enough time

    3. I actually think Pokémon series begs for a drought. Games have been coming out every single year the last 5 years and it is overkill. The lack of quality of the last few games is evident.

      Not to mention TPC/GF is spreading their efforts thin across many other ventures like Mobile games, remakes, Little Town Hero among others.

      I’ll be totally fine with a 5 year break that they can use to create some sort of a complete shift to the series like what Nintendo did with BoTW.

      1. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Hmmmm. Good point there. Ok it would be nice if Square Enix took over and make the game hard like Bravely Default II. I’m only on the Demo and I had to play a ton of battles just to get to level 19. And you cant save in dungeons let alone you dont want to die because if you do you pick up where you last saved.

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  3. While you’re at it Gamefreak, boot Shigeru Ohmori off from the director’s seat, the man has no clue what he’s doing.

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