Nintendo says that “some of our repair centers are now able to gradually restart services”

Since March, Nintendo‘s repair services have been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Things have been gradually reopening throughout the United States this month, and that is including Nintendo’s repair services. The company says on their English Nintendo support website that “in accordance with local guidelines, some of our repair centers are now able to gradually restart services. We are working as quickly and safely as possible to get you playing again and appreciate your understanding”.

As Nintendo’s repair services gradually return, the company also explained how they will sort out repair orders. Nintendo said that “while repair centers ramp up operations, repair orders will be prioritized in the order that they have been set up and received, including products currently held at repair centers that were in-process and not completed due to the closures”.



  1. Glad things are starting to move again.
    I know this virus has been such a sh*#ter. But there must also actually be people out there, that their switch’s broke right at the time of the lockdown scenario and animal crossing releasing etc and they can’t play. What an absolute bummer. Hopefully ninty can sort your console ASAP and you can be gaming again.

  2. Yay! When the 10.0 update released and installed on my Switch it bricked! I haven’t been able to play for pretty much the whole lock down, considered buying a new one but they were selling for upwards of $500 because of supply issues :/

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