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2K’s upcoming Borderlands, Bioshock & XCOM 2 physical editions require large downloads (max 42GB)


It’s an exciting time for 2K right now as the upcoming Borderlands: Legendary Collection, Bioshock: The Collection and XCOM2: Collection are all making their way to Nintendo Switch soon. But for those looking to purchase the games physically, it’s worth freeing up some space on your SD cards in preparation as there are some pretty hefty downloads for each of them. Check out the downloads required, as per the 2K website, below:

  • Borderlands: Legendary Collection 42GB
  • Bioshock: The Collection 31GB
  • XCOM 2 Collection 24GB

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  1. But for those looking to purchase the games physically, it’s worth freeing up some space on your SD cards in preparation as there are some pretty hefty downloads for each of them.

    Am confused, don’t you mean digital?


      1. That’s a bit generous of an explanation. Checking my steam library, the entirety of Bioshock Infinite with all DLC is about the size of the download they’re asking. So, about 1/3rd of all content is downloaded.

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      2. Smaller carts also means smaller production costs and higher profits from physical sales, i don’t like it but it’s a smart business practice these days


      1. Well, I don’t know what kind of compression they’re working with, but Bioshock (1) Remastered by itself is about 20 gigs on PC.


    1. I’m inclined to think the same :( I’ve just checked both the EU and US eShop and there’s no sign of them digitally yet. It’ll be interesting to see how large the file sizes are when they do go up for pre-purchase.

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  2. I think 2K should handle this like Gameloft does on Android. After the purchase, the player gets a digital launcher, which lets them to download one of the games of the bundle or all of the games, in order to save some space.
    For example, I’d like to revisit Borderlands TPS as I’m tired of playing BL2 on my Vita. Since there’s no way to purchase it individually, I’d go for the awesome collection, open the launcher and make it download just The Pre Sequel.
    Why can’t things be done like that?


    1. GameXplain just uploaded a video and apparently the games get individual Icons so you can choose and select to download the games data individually. I don’t know if this is true about the physical release, but apparently with the digital release you don’t have to download all three games at once


  3. no excuses to pull crap like this anymore, if the Witcher 3 can fit their entire game and expansion on one cartridge then everyone can do it, the cheap greedy bastards!


  4. Blame nintendo for the size limit on the cartridge. But i wasnt planning on getting these physically. Already got both sets on ps4 /xbox respectively.

    Yes, i am double dipping but bioshock is o kn e of my favorite franchises. Gave me an experience thats hardly felt in games. Borderlands collection will give me a chance to play with my fam or on the go.


  5. Funny how these games have a droplet or content compared to BotW/
    SmashU but quadruple the download size

    American devs could learn a thing or two from jp devs about game optimisation.


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