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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 3 has been announced

Season 3 DLC for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has been announced by nWay for all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. It will launch over the next several months, but the first Season 3 content will launch in June. This will be a playable character, Robert “RJ” James, a “Phantom Beast King” character skin for Dai Shi, and an Ultra “Samurai Megazord”. Later content will include 2 more playable characters. One hasn’t been announced yet, but the other, Lauren Shiba, has been revealed. The trailer is down below.

3 thoughts on “Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 3 has been announced”

  1. I haven’t seen a power rangers episode since “ronny on empty” but the dlc looks promising. The same can’t be said for team sonic racing since it did not even bother with good dlc. Big the cat and omochao are my least favorites on that game. Amy should have teamed up with cream the rabbit and the power character could have been storm the albatross, chaos zero, billy hatcher or aiai from super monkey ball. I’m also disappointed my pokemon shield dlc will have Avery instead of Klara. I want a waifu, not a willy Wonka look alike. Dragon ball fighterz has good dlc I want.

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