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Team Ketchup is the winner of Splatoon 2’s encore Splatfest

Splatoon 2‘s encore Splatfest between Team Ketchup and Team Mayo has come to a close. The winner, by a score of 2-1, is Team Ketchup. It’s the complete opposite outcome from last time, when Team Mayo won by 2-1. Team Ketchup’s vote count was larger in the 2017 Splatfest. A Reddit user uploaded a screenshot of the results, so you can see the results for yourself in the picture down below.


11 thoughts on “Team Ketchup is the winner of Splatoon 2’s encore Splatfest”

  1. Aye, that was great fun! Totally made my birthday! Hope there are more Splatfests. Assuming a new Splatoon must be in development currently?
    Where is Pikmin4?! – I would have loved that for lockdown!

  2. I told you Team Ketchup would be victorious this time around! We learned from our previous mistakes!

    The popularity was split only 45 – 55? I thought for sure ketchup was vastly more popular because half my battles were Ketchup VS Ketchup teams.

  3. Man I was too busy to participate. Was there any special dialogue acknowledging that this is an encore splatfest? or was it the same?

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