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Aerial photograph shows latest progress of Super Nintendo World, Japan

It’s been some time since we last got an update about Super Nintendo World in Japan. At the beginning of the year, Universal Studios Japan – where Super Nintendo World is being built – hosted an announcement event . The concepts that were shown looked promising and the excitement around the event was palpable, but news has been understandably quiet around the progress of the build given the current circumstances. However, Instagram user imaiko02 has managed to snap a recent picture showing us how it’s shaping up. As you can see, it’s coming along nicely. Although it’s highly likely that the opening will be postponed, Super Nintendo World will be a joyful and magical place for Nintendo and theme park fans alike.

If and when Nintendo or Universal Studios give any updates on Super Nintendo World, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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6 thoughts on “Aerial photograph shows latest progress of Super Nintendo World, Japan”

    1. From above it does for sure. When they design theme parks like this, they take into account how things will look from the viewers perspective, not the top down. So I’m person, it’ll have good sight lines and you won’t see everything at once, so I think it’ll look really nice. But from above you aren’t getting any of that so it ends up looking like a mess.

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