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Pokemon Masters — More content now available

Exciting updates coming to Pokémon Masters for the end of May and early June! Here’s a quick rundown overview of what’s to come:

  • Story Event — “The Star of the Contest” (available now – June 10): This event features Sinnoh region Trainer Dawn and her partner Pokémon Turtwig interacting with other sync pairs on the island of Pasio. Players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story will be able to battle and earn in-game rewards in this event. 
  • New Sync Pair — Dawn & Turtwig (available now – June 10): This Grass-type sync pair is available in the sync pair spotlight scout. Some of their moves include “Good as New!”, which fully restores an ally’s HP, and “New Dawn Wood Hammer”, a sync move that’s strength is based on how much the user’s Attack stat has been raised during battle. 
  • New Sync Pair — Jasmine & Steelix (available now – June 4): This Steel-type sync pair is available in the sync pair spotlight scout.
  • Special Rally (available May 31 – June 20): Throughout this rally, players will be able to complete specific missions to earn Gems, Co-Op Sync Orbs, and training items. Players that complete all special rally missions will obtain 5-star Power-Ups. 
  • Dawn & Turtwig Login Bonus (available now – June 10):  Players that log in to the game daily throughout this period will be able to receive up to 1,400 gems.

Source: The Pokemon Company

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