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Japan: SEGA 60th anniversary video

On June 3rd, 1960, Service Games, or SEGA for short, was founded by Martin Bromley and Richard Stewart. Although the company is known for video games and its 90s rivalry with Nintendo, SEGA didn’t enter the video game business until the 80s, 20 years after it was founded. SEGA has been celebrating their anniversary on Twitter, and earlier tonight, they tweeted a video showing off the company’s many games they have have published. You can see their tweet of the video down below.

3 thoughts on “Japan: SEGA 60th anniversary video”

  1. AquaTeenBandicoot41

    I want sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic heroes, shadow the hedgehog, sonic riders, sonic unleashed, sonic colors, sonic generations, sonic transformed and sonic advance on Nintendo switch.

  2. gotta say, I love Sega, but that was a real shit video for their anniversary. Was expecting them to show various games from through out their history, not just stuff released in the last 2-3 years.

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