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Digital Foundry looks at BioShock: The Collection for Nintendo Switch

BioShock: The Collection recently launched for the Nintendo Switch platform with three excellent games. The folks over at Digital Foundry have taken a thorough look at the titles including in the collection and how they run on the system in both docked mode and in handheld mode. The conclusion is that all three ports are top notch. The originals were on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and the Switch port was handled by the acclaimed team at Virtuos. The main difference between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console ports are the frame rate and visual horsepower with frame rate mostly hovering around 30fps on Switch. Check out their full opinion here.

“The takeaway is rather straightforward then – the BioShock Collection makes for a genuinely great package, with the Switch conversions of every title hitting all of the right notes. And of course, it goes without saying that this particular release does something none of the other consoles can: portable play. It’s particularly pleasing to see that all three games hold up well, despite the drop in graphics horsepower and bandwidth. After the issues found with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions, we did have our concerns about how well the trilogy would transition across to Switch hardware, but rest assured – this is a solid remaster that’s well worth checking out.”


1 thought on “Digital Foundry looks at BioShock: The Collection for Nintendo Switch”

  1. I’ll be keeping on eye on Borderlands.
    If the Legendary Collection finds its way to about $20 on the eShop, I’ll be down to get a feel for the series.

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