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Mario Kart Tour adds Gold Dry Bowser and Gold Dry Bones

Nintendo has recently added a special Gold Pipe to Mario Kart Tour which can give you access to Gold Dry Bowser, Gold Dry Bones and Gold Dry Koopa Trooper and more. All you’ll need is some in-game Gems for a chance to obtain these. Mario Kart Tour is available right now on the App Store and Google Play.


    1. Well, one of the things people praised CTR for was the many costumes for characters. I don’t see variants as a bad thing if it doesn’t remove other characters along side them. I do think they should start making them occuply a single slot to make the character select screen less bloated.

    1. +Michael Rix
      You know, normally I don’t care for Baby characters in Mario Kart but I think for Waluigi I’d make an exception.

  1. I’d be excited if these characters weren’t so impossible to get and if the game would stop crashing ever since this update.

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