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US eShop: Minecraft Dungeons dethrones Animal Crossing and is No.1

The super-fun Minecraft Dungeons has proved to be a big success for Microsoft and Mojang and has knocked the immensely popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons from the top spot on the US Nintendo Switch eShop charts. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been the No.1 game on the US eShop since its launch on 20th March, which as Twitter user Benji-Sales says, is three months of dominance.


  1. Next week the king Animal crossing returns to its lofty throne. As game of thrones go, mine craft dungeons is animal crossing’s big left toe nail.


  2. For those of you who haven’t watched the review, search for the one from SwitchUp on Youtube, it’s very good and not so long.
    Still, I can’t believe people are buying this game. It’s Unreal-based, but its performance dips to the lower-20s, it stutters, without destructible environments, it’s bugged.. and all of that considering Minecraft Dungeons isn’t ambitious in terms of textures. And come on, they’re asking for $20 for a NIVE-LEVELS long dungeon crawler? Even Torchlight 2 offers a much better deal for the same price.
    Anyway, I’m just glad 2K’s Borderlands collection managed to feature the best sellers list on the eShop (#3 for Download-only games). OK, that doesn’t mean Borderlands 3 will ever come all of a sudden, but at least 2K can get the taste of how wanted their games are on the Switch. Here’s to hoping GTA IV/V gets a DECENT treatment. I’d hate to have been waiting all this long, only to end up with a rushed, half-baked and unplayable port. It’s unknown if Rockstar is dealing with the GTA Switch port themselves or if they handed it over to a third-party company. I guess time will tell.

    1. There’s 14 levels total with 5 being unlockable, and the levels are procedurally generated so it’s still fun to replay on harder difficulties

  3. Wow. I wasn’t expecting that… I have 0 interest in Minecraft Dungeons. Rather play Diablo 3. Same concept but infinitely more dense.

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