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New Super Smash Bros Ultimate event begins on Friday

Nintendo has announced a brand new event tourney for the much-loved Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. This particular event is titled “The Year is 200X” and revolves around characters and stages that were created from 2000 until 2009. It will certainly be an interesting one, that is for sure! Join in the fun on Friday, 12th June. Good luck to all those who are thinking of participating.

6 thoughts on “New Super Smash Bros Ultimate event begins on Friday”

      1. If you knew me then you’d know I was serious. Current events are intense and seem to have permeated to every part of modern life. In fact… Let go out on a limb here… Yup! Posted just hours ago.

        I mean… There’s always some gamers that are angry when new fighters are revealed… It’s just gonna be weird if it turns into a race thing with this one. And the inevitable people who bemoan “politics” in their games.

        I’m actually a little worried on how this one will go down.

  1. Isn’t Lucas “technically” from the 90s? Mother 3’s development started in the mid 90s and I’m pretty sure Lucas existed in the original attempt. I know the game finally actually released in 2006 after a decade in development hell and even a cancellation at one point, but if the theme is characters CREATED between 2000 and 2009, isn’t Lucas classified incorrectly here?

    1. Animal Crossing probably also started development in the 90’s. Since when has a company ever celebrated a video game character’s birthday as when a game started development and not it’s release date. Especially since a character’s personality, design and story can warp or even completely change by the time the game releases.

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