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Sonic Team head hopes he can ‘meet fans desires’ for Sonic’s 30th anniversary

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has recently participated in a wide ranging interview with OTAQUEST. There’s a number of topics addressed by Mr. Iizuka and naturally there was a question regarding SEGA’s plans for the long-running franchise’s 30th anniversary. While Mr. Iizuka wouldn’t go into specifics, he did say that he hopes that the team can meet fans desires.

OTAQUEST: Sonic is celebrating his 30th anniversary next year, and while I’m sure you can’t tell us any specific details, what are your plans for Sonic going into the future?

Takashi Iizuka: It seems just like yesterday that we celebrated the 20th anniversary of his birth, but he will be celebrating his 30th anniversary next year in a matter of days. In the past 10 years, we have been blessed with a number of hit titles that represent “Sonic Mania”, and we have been able to leave our mark with many achievements such as TV anime and Hollywood movies.

I’m grateful for all of the fans who have loved and supported Sonic for so long, and I hope that I can make it a year to celebrate the 30th anniversary with all of the fans in order to meet their desires. We would like to continue to grow our brand as one that can be enjoyed by people around the world, so we look forward to your support.


Thanks to sonicgalaxy27 for the news tip!

14 thoughts on “Sonic Team head hopes he can ‘meet fans desires’ for Sonic’s 30th anniversary”

  1. 2D Sonic is alive and well, but 3D Sonic, wow that’s on the ropes. Honestly I just don’t think Sonic Team have the capability to make a great Sonic game now. I’d love to be proven wrong. Even if they announced Adventure 3 (or an Adventure 3 type game) which would be my ideal scenario, I simply have no trust in Sonic Team to deliver it at the appropriate quality.

    1. 2d sonic games is barely passing yeah mania is good but its was mainly work on by fans I believe Sega last 2d game was sonic colors on the DS as the rest of sonic titles follow half 2d, and 3d levels, that being said I feel like they should make some 2d base games I mean that is what sonic originated after, and waiting for a 3d game that may be disappointed, or good, which will put fans into another spiral on whether sonic is good or not

  2. Finally! Now we can see Sonic fused with Shadow, Sonic’s friends going super, Sally Acorn playable in a Sonic game, the return of Chao garden, and no more crossovers between Mario & Sonic until we get a crossover between Mario & Mega Man for each one we already have. Oh wait, he said fans. Never mind.

  3. I want a new Sonic Adventure inspired game with playable characters, new characters, a Chao garden, a chao garden mobile game, all returning gardens, current voice actors, time travel, no classic Sonic and a new villain.

    New characters:
    Speedy the Hedgehog (Sonic’s future descendant) – blue with yellow stripes, white gloves, lightning medallion and red boots
    Sakura Rose the Hedgehog (Speedy’s younger sister) – pink, purple shirt, white, gloves, red skirt, heart medallion, red lipstick, pink high-heeled boots.
    Punch the Echidna (Knuckles future descendant) – orange, blue vest, sky medallion, white gloves, blue boots.

    Voice actors for new characters:
    Johnny Yong Bosch – Speedy the Hedgehog
    Erica Lindbeck – Sakura Rose the Hedgehog
    Robbie Daymond – Punch the Echidna

    1. Nah, it won’t happen dude. Not ever. SEGA/Sonic Team is not accepting people’s fan characters. The last new character we got from a modern Sonic game was Sonic 06 Silver the Hedgehog. (Avatar is just a selection creation and sure you can say as a new character)

      1. New characters don’t automatically have to be playable. By that, Infinite and Dodon Pa were the last new Sonic characters.

        And as far as fan input goes, Team Headcannon had better luck, mainly because they weren’t just asking for oddly specific ideas in an article comment section on a Nintendo news site.

        But seriously, you would have to plan out an entire game, pitch the idea to SEGA/Sonic Team themselves, and then have a robust team of game developers/programmers (who have thoroughly researched the Adventure (SA1&2) formula, the same way Team Headcannon did with the Genesis games) to actually develop the game.

        1. Yeah but, I believe they will go back to the adventure series formula. Not right away but soon they will.

          I understand that SEGA or Sonic Team is doing there best to make a new Sonic experience. However, Sonic Forces did a bit well but almost and its not up for scratch. Maybe in Sonic’s 30th anniversary they will make up for lost times from Sonic 06 and Sonic Forces. So, yeah.

          Also, It would be nice if they bought the team from Sonic Adventure, Sonic Unleashed and Generations to help with Sonic’s 30th anniversary title and crush 40 be apart of it to make some songs and main theme for a new mainline modern Sonic game for next year.

          I hope dimps won’t get involved in the new mainline Sonic game for next year. I hate dimps so much. They are a terrible development company. They are misleading.

          1. I’ve pretty much stated what a fan has to do at this point. No point in putting blind faith in SEGA/Sonic Team/Iizuka anymore (especially considering how long we had to wait for Sonic Forces, and the fact that most Sonic fans actually have lives).

              1. A true fans tries to do what’s best for the franchise, rather than just throw money at the first turd that pops out and pay for the developers’ living expenses.

  4. 3 things will happen sadly:

    1. Cream the rabbit will still be neglected from main games.
    2. Big the cat, Omochao, and classic sonic will show up when we don’t want to see them.
    3. The game boy advance and Gamecube sonic games will not be ported to Nintendo switch.

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