CNBC: AT&T is discussing a potential sale of its Warner Bros. gaming division for about $4,000,000,000

CNBC is reporting that AT&T is considering selling its Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment gaming division that could be as much as about $4,000,000,000. So far, EA, Take Two and Activision have all expressed interest in buying the division. At this time, a deal is not assured or imminent. According to CNBC, the deal “might involve a commercial licensing agreement where AT&T can continue to get revenue from its IP”.



    1. R.I.P

      main Game : 60$
      Online access: 20$
      Extra chapters: 10$ for each chapter

      3 years later
      Remaster: 100$ include all previous chapters,

      2 weeks later
      new released chapters

      wanna play as batman ?
      ofc here you go surprise boxes
      1k $ and no batman?

      oh wait it was not added to the boxes, it will be added into future updates,
      no refunds

      few months later online servers down,

      new sequel in progress,


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  1. $4 Billion for Warner Bros. Gaming division? Seriously? They do know that Marvel and Lucasfilm each sold for like $4 Billion right? I can’t see the WB gaming division being worth the same as Marvel or Lucasfilm


    1. Oh you have no idea, they have more than a dozen of studios and a shitload of assets and that’s not even counting all the IP’s under their umbrella. I’m not exactly surprised with it.


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