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The Peach Tour in Mario Kart Tour begins on 16th June

The official Mario Kart Tour account has tweeted that the next tour stop for the iOS and Android title will be the Peach Tour. Mobile gamers will have access to the new tour and its new track Royal Raceway from the classic Mario Kart 64 on Tuesday, 16th June. The fun begins at 11pm PT. The free-to-play Mario Kart Tour is available right now on both iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play.

3 thoughts on “The Peach Tour in Mario Kart Tour begins on 16th June”

  1. Mario kart 8 and CTR nitro fueled are better than team sonic racing when it comes to the amount of playable characters. Team sonic racing should have had cream (fly), charmy (fly), espio (speed), chaos zero (power), tikal (power), sticks (speed), Babylon rogues, reala (fly), nights (fly), aiai (power), amigo (speed), billy hatcher (power) and ulala (speed) as dlc. I also hate how I can’t switch team members around freely in single player mode and daredevil stages are too hard.

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