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Exchanging money for characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons violates its terms of service, says Nintendo


Getting your favourite character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be a chore. Endless grinding to get Marina, Raymond or Marshall – to name a few – isn’t to everyone’s taste and there are some websites out there that are offering players a shortcut: they’re willing to take cash off you in exchange for your favourite islander. In Japan, for example, such transactions are rife with characters being bought for 5000-8000 yen a pop. Well, Nintendo has spoken out about it and it has stated that it violates its terms of service.

Japanese website J-cast spoke to a Nintendo representative recently and they had this to say:

“Customers cannot make real money trades (acts of buying and selling points, other virtual currencies, etc. in real currencies) with respect to the Nintendo Network and Nintendo Network Contents.”

Nintendo has stated that they will deal with each transaction on a case-by-case basis.

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  1. We buy their fucking games and then Nintendo tells us what we can do with the games and data we worked hard to earn….awesome…make a game with a cash shop where u can sell your items and it will be a successful game…take that away and it will be a flop…. *cough cough DIABLO 3 *cough


    1. Do you really want to be known as the guy who makes his money by taking advantage of small kids by swindling characters in a life simulator rated E? I know there some adults fall for something so stupif, but even then most of them are at the age where they are easily manipulated out of their money.

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  2. People actually do this? Wow.
    I remember back when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out and there was people out there that straight up sold Pokemon over the wifi.

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    1. It’s very common, look up the shiny Mart and you’ll see Pokemon that are hacked in Sword and Shield with perfect stats for a price. Almost every game with online functionality has a market to an extent.

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  3. I wonder when people will find out that every character is rare in the ac series, considering all villagers are randomly generated, and trying to find the exact villager that you want will always be hard (unless you have amiibo) fans will say this character is popular because their rare, but if that’s the case them than the whole ac roster is popular

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    1. Wouldn’t amiibo cards make finding specific characters easier though? And because not every villager has an amiibo to go with it that makes them more rare than others. Just looking it up, Raymond doesn’t have an amiibo of any kind, so he would be rarer than any villager with one. There are some apps that act as amiibo as well, so you could very easily get some specific characters as long as they have an amiibo and you’re patient enough for it.

      So yeah, there are some characters that are rarer than others; randomly generated characters is the base for the rarity, but other factors that make certain characters more easily accessible changes that.


      1. True but if Nintendo would make amiibo for the newer ones my point will still mostly stand, that’s why I mention unless you have amiibo in my first, it really makes easy of course

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      2. True enough. Plus I’d imagine Nintendo will make amiibo for the AC villagers at some point. The Smash and AC amiibo line seem guaranteed honestly

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  4. I understand why. Now it’s time to change things to make it easier to get the things we want instead of handing out the same old stuff. At least increase the size of Nooks Cranny.

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  5. So technically these people were trafficking animals/people/anthropomorphic fauna. In the real world this is obviously a crime, but here, hmmm…

    How is this any different from game economies like Team Fortress 2? Personally I scoff at the idea of paying $100 for a virtual hat that emits purple flames, but there *is/was* a market for that…

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  6. Who gives a shit! I paid for the game so I can do whatever the fuck I want with it! That’s like buying a Toyota but then the company tells me I can’t resell parts of the car.

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