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The Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC features level scaling


We’re not far from the release of the first Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, Isle of Armor, and IGN has discovered that the DLC features level scaling. Wild Pokemon and trainers’ Pokemon in the DLC will scale to your own Pokemon levels; the DLC areas will even match up to a team of level 100 Pokemon, according to IGN. It’s also worth noting that players will be able to access the DLC as soon as they reach the Wild Area of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

This feature should help all players to be able to play the extra content at a level that suits them, regardless of how long they’ve spent on the main game.


17 thoughts on “The Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC features level scaling”

  1. I know some people where actually worried about this. Honostly I though they where just going to make your base game pokemon unusable until you beaten the DLC. That’s why they give you a starter, but this works too.

  2. This actually sounds reasonable. I was worried that the DLC was going to be a cakewalk with my level 100 team, but this could actually make it fairly interesting.

  3. I’m looking forward to isle of armor but I wish Klara was on my game instead of Avery. Avery has horrible fashion sense on pokemon shield.

  4. If I can get Urshifu, I will put one of my Grapplocts on wonder trade. It knows dive, ice punch, payback, and stomping tantrum. If I knew about Klara sooner, I would have gotten sword instead.

  5. lol at the people saying this is good. The game is going to scale to your level so that it will always be easy (not ridiculously easy, but easy). Come on, this is the company who made the Exp. Share mandatory. Mark my words, this is what’s gonna happen.

      1. Level 100 does not necessarily mean challening. How many Pokemon are on the opposing team? Did the AI full heal your team for free before the match started? What’s the average Base Stat of the opposing Pokemon? A level 100 Raticate is *not* equal to a level 100 Krookodile.

        Now I can’t say for certain, but given the trend of the last *counts* 5 main series releases, I don’t think its ridiculous to suggest that the game will probably not be very challenging.

      2. On a similar note, my 5 year old just finished Shield. He doesn’t know what the attacks are, he picks them at random, and with the exception of his start he swaps out his team at random each fight regardless of level.

  6. Level scaling should also apply to many rebattle-able trainers with multiple Pokemon as well.

    It always irked me how my options were limited in how many trainers I could give every Gen 7/Gen 6.5 Pokemon in my box use in. In Pokemon X, I was able to max out the level/stats of every Gen 6 Pokemon, and moved on to the Pokemon with mega evolutions, entering each team into the Hall of Fame.

  7. Why the f do people not understand that the games are not meant to be hard? I’m very happy there’s level scaling in the game. It’s automatically better than any opportunity to level up (in the WILD) in any game in the series, and it makes random encounters a tad more interesting especially when coming with your main game team. If there are level 100 Chanseys or Blisseys this is going to be nuts.
    They’re adding something that lots of people wanted and there’s always someone to say this is stupid. Like would you rather be capped at 60? What’s the point of complaining about something that’s only beneficial. Let’s enjoy the DLC.

    1. I think you misunderstand the criticism. It isn’t that there’s level scaling. Its that they expect the scaling to be too low. This prevents them from making the game challenging even on purpose by underleveling deliberately.

      “the games are not meant to be hard?”

      What do you mean by “meant to be?” Obviously they are exactly as difficult as the designers intended, though that’s no reason for anyone in particular not to want them to be harder or easier than they are. The games were never super difficult, but they rose to popularity in a form *significantly* more challenging than they are right now. Its only logical if you attract an audience with something, whenever you change that something, in this case difficulty, some portion of your customers aren’t going to like it. That doesn’t make anyone right or wrong. People are allowed to want harder or easier games.

      1. I also like it when it’s harder, I meant that as they have a very, very broad target for the games. I think people here and on gaming sites / forums have a very distorted view of what the fanbase really is. Some people don’t care about the challenge at all. You make an obviously good point by stating that change will be met negatively with some customers and saying people are allowed to want whatever.

        What tires me so much is that so much people already pretends like something is bad or a failure when we don’t even have all the information, or when they ignore some of the available information.

  8. I wanted Klara but I thought Zamazenta looked cooler and I had no idea isle of armor and crowned tundra were coming out as dlc. I hope Avery does not appear too often. He has bad fashion sense. Faba and Dexio were better psychics.

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