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FIFA 21 Legacy Edition is coming to the Switch

EA didn’t announce it in their EA Play stream, but they have announced a Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 21. As with previous installments that have come to the Switch, this will be a “Legacy Edition”. The news comes from EA’s FIFA 21 FAQ, where they said that “the FIFA 21 Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch features the latest kits and squad updates for the upcoming season, updated presentation (in-game menus and broadcast overlays), but no new game modes or gameplay innovations”.


7 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Legacy Edition is coming to the Switch”

  1. Welcome to an endless cycle. EA puts out +$50 “Legacy Edition” > Game doesn’t sell > EA doesn’t acknowledge a sports fan market on the Switch > EA designates minimal resources to FIFA 22 “Legacy Edition” > > > >

    I’m ready, willing, and able to buy Madden 22. A FULL Version. What gives?

    1. Actually if I’m not mistaken, the FIFA LE on Switch have sold good (within their expectations). I’m not sure from where you are, but FIFA is huge in Latin America and Europe, so maybe Switch players in those zones are buying it. I feel this because EA stopped releasing LEs on the Wii U but continued to release them on the Wii and PS2

      1. Switch games (actually anything Nintendo related) costs more in these regions for some reason so it’s cheaper to just get on PS4, Xbox or PC.

  2. EA is consistent with their nonsense we can always give them that. Expecting them to change is delusional for anyone that knows this company.


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