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Square Enix will announce a selection of titles during July and August

Square Enix has said to stockholders that it will be announcing a new slate of titles during the month’s of July and August. These games would have normally have been showcased at E3 2020, but obviously the event has been called off this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Question: Normally, you would announce new games at E3, but how has coronavirus affected your plans this year?

Answer: We would normally announce new games at E3, yes. We had planned to have a press conference as a replacement event, but were unable to do so since assets were not complete. We’ll be announcing new titles individually as the timing permits. Several will debut around July to August.



  1. We already know what will not be announced:
    * Lara Croft/Tomb Raider (not even the 2013 one, which would be great to play on the Switch)
    * Hitman
    * Deus EX
    * Sleeping Dogs
    * Just Cause

    Instead, enjoy your Final Fantasy Re-Re-Re-Released. Again. And a bunch of childish games. And a rhythm one no one really asked for. Wow Square! Why did you even fucking bother?


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