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The Marine Tour kicks off in Mario Kart Tour on 30th June

The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account has announced that the Peach Tour is coming to a close and will make way for the Marine Tour. The new tour begins on Tuesday 30th June at 11pm PT / 7am BST. Mario Kart Tour is available right now on iOS and Android.

7 thoughts on “The Marine Tour kicks off in Mario Kart Tour on 30th June”

  1. I’m a huge rosalina fan, I don’t really like tour for real, but its give me inspiration when it comes to drawing mario fan art, can’t wait to see what shes wearing so I can draw it.

    1. Yeah Mario Kart Tour is ok to me, but i prefer the console version instead. the controls are a bit hard to control in the game. I thought Nintendo is gonna release another Mario Kart game on Nintendo Switch system, but now, since we got Mario Kart 8 deluxe, it doesn’t feel like a new Mario Kart game to me. I’m a bit disappointed that its not a new game during Nintendo Switch reveal trailer. I’m also a Rosalina fan and a artist as well. I can’t wait to see what she is wearing soon. We did saw Mario’s outfit change and his feet in Super Mario Odyssey. Now its time to see Rosalina outfit and her feet as well in this game.

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