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Nintendo offering Smash Bros Ultimate – Spirit Board Challenger Pack 5 for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers

If you are a Nintendo Switch Online member then you are eligible to claim a special Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Spirit Board Challenge Pack 5 pack for free. This contains the following items and is a 20MB download:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board Challenger Pack 5 contents

  • All Primaries x 10
  • All Supports x 10
  • Rematch x 5
  • Sluggish Shield x 10
  • Shield Spacer x 10

This package only works for paid subscriptions and not those on a trial membership. You can claim it on the Nintendo Switch eShop!


7 thoughts on “Nintendo offering Smash Bros Ultimate – Spirit Board Challenger Pack 5 for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers”

    1. I’m a little surprised there hasn’t been an article about the updates to Melee’s netplay that came with the recent Slippi 2.0 release. It’s the biggest thing since the smash bros documentary! In-game matchmaking and rollback netcode make for a buttery smooth experience all around. Highly recommended.

      1. As much as it would greatly improve Smash Ultimate online to have said NetCode, it isn’t as fail proof as people think. Generally people who are tech savvy enough to install said mods have decent enough internet. When they face each other in Ultimate’s Arena they generally have little problems. The people who gutter up the online with bad internet connections aren’t the ones installing online mods for old games or buying non mainstream fighting games. Roll Back doesn’t lag, instead you get people randomly teleporting all over the place. If you ever played Mario Kart Online with randoms, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about when people have bad connections with roll back. Not saying they shouldn’t implement it, as it’ll make the online a million times better, it just won’t be the near perfect solution people think it is. The other major thing Smash Ultimate online needs is to have different rankings for casual play and competitive play. I’m fine with their being a leader board where people say they can win with any ruleset, but it shouldn’t be the only leaderboard.

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