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Ninjala has already surpassed one million downloads

The Play Ninjala Twitter account is celebrating this morning as the game has achieved over one million downloads since it launched on the Nintendo Switch eShop yesterday. The team acknowledges that Ninjala had servers errors initially and to compensate for this they are giving away 100 Jala and 10x Ippon Gum (Flame) weapon skins. You can check out the official celebration artwork above.


      1. Can’t find any information about it online to confirm or deny that but i’d assume you’d be right … but other games with lootboxes still work in belgium . Doesn’t fornite have lootboxes too?

    1. Fortnite is a bit different, you can see what you’re getting before buying, there is no random elements on it.

  1. Why is this an achievement? It’s a free download on a console with a 60m install base after all.

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