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A patch for the Switch version of The Outer Worlds is “in the works”

Private Division has announced that they have a patch “in the works” for the Nintendo Switch version of The Outer Worlds. They also said that “he team at Virtuos is investigating to further improve the game’s performance”, and will let fans know of a release date for the update as soon as they can. You can see their tweet about the matter down below.

10 thoughts on “A patch for the Switch version of The Outer Worlds is “in the works””

      1. yeah me too. I can live with cuts. Witcher 3 doesn’t look like the PS4 game, but its obvious they did all they could with focus on good performance and they managed to achieve that. I was hoping this would be the case here as well, but I doubt they’re gonna reach that level anytime soon.

  1. It would need to be a miraculous patch to rescue that steaming pile of 💩 on Switch. Great game, not on Switch though.

  2. Maybe they can also bring the code up to date with the bug fixes already released for the other platforms. Besides the awful graphics problems, the Switch port still suffers from the “Parvati died” bug, which breaks one of the story’s major highlights.

  3. If the team responsible for the Switch port were ever able to pull off a miracle, such a MOAR-FPS UPDATE, then the day-1 update would have made some difference. There’s little, literally almost nothing you can do when the engine of the game requires more memory bandwidth than the Switch can offer.
    At this point, they should just issue a refund to the people who pre-ordered it on Amazon.

  4. Obsidian mace outer worlds. The same guys that made buggy Fallout games. A true gamer realizes this and always waits to purchase their games. Don’t ever get them at launch.


  5. I mean at least Witcher 3 looked and ran alright before it got those tasty patches. This is gonna need a chunky patch to make it run and look better than poop lmao

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