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Capcom is planning “Monster Hunter targeted to middle-high school kids, like PSP entries did”

Capcom has revealed in a question and answer session that they have plans for a new Monster Hunter game that resembles the content they put out for Sony’s PlayStation Portable system presumably for the Nintendo Switch. However, they did say that they have no plans to bring the Monster Hunter World series to the Switch system. Hopefully this new title, presumably for Nintendo Switch, will be unveiled soon.


  1. I hope this is not another MH Stories.

    Don’t get me wrong that game was cute doesn’t capture the whole MH experience.

    Maybe the Switch Pro if it comes out will be able to to support a scaled down MHW.

  2. What a weirdly specific question to ask. “Targeted to middle-high school kids”. Do they not think classic Monster Hunter appeals to adults? Or that MH is so much of a time sink that only kids can get the most out of it?
    I would say either is untrue.

  3. World wouldn’t run well on Switch (Capcom did say it can’t be done). It demands a lot of CPU, and the base consoles struggled hardcore with those games. It has a fair share of problems on PC as well. It probably won’t be the last AAA title to skip the Switch I’m afraid.

  4. As long as they bring back the playable Palico Prowler system along with the quality of life changes and gameplay mechanics introduced in World Iceborne, except that trash clutch claw mechanic, I’m happy.
    Also they really need to bring back the swimming mechanic, fix that Leviathan skeleton, bring back large insect monsters along with a more variety of monsters, including docile herbivores ect.

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