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Furukawa: Nintendo will continue with Directs but could switch things up in the future

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Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has stated that the believes the Nintendo Direct format is currently successful and effective at delivering key video gaming news and announcements, but he also thinks that the format could shift gears in the future. While he doesn’t elaborate on what he thinks could change, a guess would be that future web technologies could enable more interactive elements etc.

18 thoughts on “Furukawa: Nintendo will continue with Directs but could switch things up in the future”

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      1. They always show one in June for E3 with the exception of that one year where they showed nothing but BoTW, and usually one that isn’t a mini a few months before that.

    1. Nintendo only seems to show things when developers are ready to show off, so it’s more of the devs decision, it’s been stated in interviews before, and Nintendo themselves have even told devs that can show off on there own time when they are ready that’s kinda why paper Mario orgami king felt like a random out of the blue, some of these games have been in development for about 3 to 4 years so it’s weird not to see or hear anything about what’s to expect for the rest of 2020 Animal crossing was the main spring title, and orgami king seems to be the main summer title.

      1. Yeah, that’s basically what they said at the end. They did say that they want third party company to reveal there games as well. But, Nintendo just have to make the right decision to reveal there games for the direct soon.

      2. I really wonder what the progress is on Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, BoTW 2, and Pikmin 4 (assuming Miyamoto is still working on it). I really doubt they don’t have enough to show us in a Direct if their claims about things are going well are to be believed… maybe they’re playing it safe in case if the second wave puts a damper on things?

  2. I’ve been worried about Nintendo’s upcoming line-up since before COVID. Hate saying it, but the Virus seems like a convenient excuse. Is the well that dry?

    2017 – Mario Kart (2014 remake), BoTW, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, 1-2 Switch. Pokken (2016 remake). Arms

    2018 – Pokemon (1998 remake). DK (2014 remake). CaptainToad (2014 remake). Mario Tennis. A FULL-FLEDGED Mario Party with the online capabilities we’ve been asking for!

    2019 – Zelda (1993 remake). 2D Mario (2012 remake). Luigi’s Mansion. FE. Our first FULL FLEDGED Pokemon game on a current gen console!!

    2020 – Animal Crossing, Paper Mario

    Maybe it’s just me. Feels underwhelming… Is the console really not halfway done yet?

    1. Smash bros is really special… 2018’s Ultimate is amazing… But I’ve been pouring 100s of hours into last gen’s game since 2014… This was more of a remake with LOTS of extras.

      At the same time, this highly polished, finished product should have been released in 2014.

      Remember when Apple revealed widgets and the fans got excited? A lot of the switch’s best games came out before the console. Feels like all fans who have been loyal are being forced to double dip on the Switch… Leaves a bad taste as a consumer.

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