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Overcooked! 2 Sun’s Out Buns Out free DLC available 16th July


The official Overcooked Twitter account has announced today that the upcoming free DLC for Overcooked! 2 will be available to grab from Thursday 16th July. It’s called Sun’s Out Buns Out and it’s sure to add a little bit of spice to the frantic co-op game that’s available on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available in the update:

  • New chefs: Bark! Bark! What’s that? TWO lovable canine chefs are joining the Overcooked! 2 kitchen crew!
  • Summer recipes: Cool off with an ice cream float or keep it fresh with a summer salad!
  • New kitchens: Take a trip to hot new destinations with five new kitchens to cook in!
  • Party on: What better way to start the summer than with a parade? Expect fireworks, confetti and festival floats to spice up your game!

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  1. Nintendo should do a Switch only Overcooked game with Mario characters, music and worlds/themes. 1-up Mushroom soup, koopa traps etc etc thousands of possibilities. Would be a beautiful mashup of two worlds.


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