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An Australian retailer has a listing for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on the Switch

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which originally released in 2010, has been rumored to be one of EA‘s upcoming releases on the Nintendo Switch. And thanks to a retailer’s listing, the rumor mill is churning even more now. Mighty Ape, an Australian and New Zealand online retailer, has listings for a Nintendo Switch version of the game. There is no release date on the pages. However, with a Nintendo Direct being rumored for the 20th and an Xbox presentation happening a few days later, assuming the port is real, it won’t be long before we find out when it releases.

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5 thoughts on “An Australian retailer has a listing for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on the Switch”

  1. I guess nobody cares about it. Just like nobody is talking about Paradise Remastered, which has been “discounted” to $39,99. It’s frustrating to witness EA playing dumb and porting those very very old games like they didn’t have any clue what Switch gamers would like to play. But the good thing about this is that we get to learn how to have some fun time without relying on EA games, we find replacements that are worth our money and feature no MTX:
    EA won’t port Simcity, but we got Cities: Skylines;
    EA can’t be bothered about recent NFS ports (such as Heat), but we got Grid: Autosport (it isn’t open-world but delivers an amazing content for your buck, not to mention you can use your sticks to simulate analog controls);
    EA isn’t even thinking about Battlefield on the Switch. Which is fine, Crysis is just around the corner.

    I guess they went for Hot Pursuit because they wanted the easy way out. It’s already ported to Android devices, so they’ll probably go with that code, a couple of optimizations here and there (in order to justify the absurdly high price it’s going to cost) and bam, “new Switch game from EA”.
    And again, nobody will care.

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  3. Werent they the ones releasing like 6 or 7 titles for the switch?

    Gives us:
    Plants vs zombies
    The sims
    Mass effect trilogy
    Titanfall 1&2
    Dead space
    Mirror’s edge

    And maybe they might sell on switch not those yearly old ports of sports games.

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