Super Mario 64 on PC has new community-made 4K texture pack

The unofficial PC port of Super Mario 64 has recently seen the addition of a stunning community-made 4K texture pack which makes the iconic game look superb. It was put together by a talented team of 16 contributors who redrew the Nintendo 64 textures at ten times the regular scale. See what you think of their work in the video below!



  1. I don’t think the walls have ever looked cleaner, especially in the basement. And that lava texture! Way more elaborate than the blank, flat red-orange sheet!

  2. The sharper textures are definitely nice, though what I personally like the most are the 60 FPS and larger view distance. Those alone would probably make this worth playing.

  3. It’s kinda crazy how far modding has come. I remember back in the day it was something that only 1 out of hundreds of gamers was able to do but these days everyone is doing it.

  4. id like to see assets from odyssey, 3d world, galaxy and sunshine added. that and ray tracing ….it is the pc version after all

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