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Nintendo explained a little more about the pandemic’s potential impact on their development schedules

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Nintendo‘s Annual Report for 2020 explained how the company has been impacted by the pandemic, and what this could mean for their products, including Switch games, releasing in the near future. Once again, Nintendo warned that, while nothing has been delayed yet, there is still a possibility that the company’s release schedule, “start of services” and development schedule “may be” impcated by the coronavirus pandemic going forward. However, Nintendo went a into little more detail about why. Nintendo cites a “difference in development environment between working from home and in the office since teleworking is implemented at the Company and its partners”. You can see what Nintendo said about the matter in full down below.

“Development schedules may be impacted due to the difference in development environment between working from home and in the office since teleworking is implemented at the Company and its partners. As a result, we may not be able to proceed with the release of Nintendo products and the start of services as planned. Nintendo will continue to conduct business operations by taking necessary measures so that it can continue to provide an environment in which consumers can enjoy its products and services, while giving due consideration to the health and safety of its consumers and employees.”

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16 thoughts on “Nintendo explained a little more about the pandemic’s potential impact on their development schedules”

  1. It’s good knowing things haven’t been delayed “yet”, but it’d be nice to know what they’ve been working on during this. Being completely left in the dark is more frustrating than having a game constantly delayed imo.

    1. Especially when the year is almost over, because at this point it seems like there bluffing, I be surprise if they didn’t have some type of holiday title

      1. I don’t think they should be worried about the rest of the year, since by the time the temperatures drop and cases can potentially rise the holiday titles should be near completion…. if they have any that is. It’s the first quarter 2021 releases they should be worried about, but the first quarter tends to be dry on game releases anyways.

        1. Thats true but since there haven’t been many releases this year as of right now, maybe they might have a good chunk of content for first quarter, also forgot to mention that switch online anniversary is approaching soon, and with many people still stuck indoors new service joining nes, snes would be a right up nintendo alley.

          1. Oh yeah, I forgot about Nintendo’s Online service. Maybe they’ll add in Gameboy games for a new selection, although I would absolutely love having N64 games for their online multiplayer. I’ve been looking forward to playing some Mario Party online for ages and this is the perfect opportunity to finally have that chance.

            1. Honestly at this point any one they put on there will hype me up for this dry year, knowing nintendo they’ll give a decent amount of first party titles to play for its launch and than drip feed us with occasional good old first party games, with lots of vague titles people barely brought on the past system

              1. A lot of my friends are starting to feel this way too because they’re all playing Donkey Kong Country with each other right now. I’ve just been looking at old gems that I may have missed the opportunity to play over the years, and I’ve noticed that Chrono Trigger is on Steam. Dry periods aren’t all bad since it gives me a chance to experience some of the classics, but it’s still nice to have things to look forward to.

    2. Yeah i should say so myself. I understand there concern about health and safety issue because of the outbreak witch i understand.

      Its really weird people are being left out like some garbage cans without no big news from Nintendo.

      1. Expect Coronavirus didn’t exist when the 3DS was a thing. We talking about a virus that has proven to kill more people than the bubonic plague. You gonna wait way longer until maybe 2022

    3. π‘΅π’Šπ’π’•π’†π’π’…π’ π‘­π’Šπ’“π’”π’• 𝑢𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓

      I’m thinking about an announcement in the style of Paper Mario and the Origami King.

  2. I guess that makes sense. They don’t want to commit only to feel forced to delay. So they’re not announcing anything concrete in the first place. I respect this decision.

    Also this is a window to catch up with your backlog. We have receive expansion packs and DLCs for games which is a crime not to revisit.

  3. Had they worked on games immediately before the outbreak Switch would had plenty of games.

    Games they didnt work on right away after a franchise released

    Metroid 4 after Metroid released on Wii.
    Pikmin 4 after Pikminn3 releases in Wii U in 2013.
    Mario Super Strikers after it came out on Gamecube.
    Starfox Zero sequel after releasing in Wii U in 2016.

    I already know I’ll he in my 40s by the time a new Paper Mario debuts and Luigi ‘s Mansion 4.

  4. Nintendo, please- I know you’re always more “show, don’t tell” when it comes to games and that you keep your cards close (maybe a little too close) to your chest, but please, these are no ordinary times or circumstances. We want to know if there’s a light at the end of this tunnel known as 2020. We don’t need to see any games or even know when they’re coming out because we know everything is off the rails. We just want words.

    “We have more than just BotW 2 in development. We also have-…”

    It’s not hard to just say something. As a fan genuinely curious about what to expect after Origami King, a little will go a long way.

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