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New event tourney titled Free Four All happening in Smash Bros Ultimate on 24th July

Nintendo has announced a special three-day event tourney in the brilliant Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The theme for the tournament is Free Four All which limits players to the fighters and the stages which appeared in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U system. The company also says that items which appeared in the previous game will also be made available. You can join in the fun on Friday 24th July.


      1. There are a select few stubborn fellows that have always and will always be in denial about the painstakingly obvious truth.

        And saying that now makes me realize this statement applies in much broader terms than just smash.

      2. From a developmental standpoint, it is two separate games. Two separate engines, two different sets of assets, different stages and modes… It was absolutely the workload of developing an intensive 3DS game and a Wii U game.

        And you have to respect tbh. But there’s nothing wrong as putting both games under Smash 4(th generation).

        But yeah… that was definitely two games.

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