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Digital Foundry tackles Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch

The gaming tech enthusiasts at Digital Foundry have a new game to tackle and that game is the classic first person shooter Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, the Switch version of Crysis Remastered is based on the previous generation versions which were on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, it is still a remarkable achievement getting it to run adequately on a handheld gaming device. The team concludes by saying that “it’s absolutely worth checking out.”

Here’s a handy summary from Reset Era member Chandoog:

– Ascension mission has been cut.
– Dynamic resolution w/ temporal up-scaling: 1280x720p is the average but can go lower at 540p or so.
– Portable mode: capped to 720p when portable.
– Portable cuts back shadow quality compared to dock, otherwise mostly similar.

– Lighting tweaked significantly, SVOGI (Sparse Voxel Based Global Illumination) added.
– Lighting creates more natural sense of darkness/indirect lighting in indoors
– SVOGI runs at a low resolution on Switch but is scalable (will be used in other versions of the remaster too)
– Switch remaster comes up closer to PC than the last-gen 360/PS3 version.
– Certain lighting effects with volumetric properties removed.
– Per Object and camera blur retained, cinematic DoF also retained.

– Full destruction model retained but significant impact on performance on Switch.
– Certain things like foliage sway, destruction etc renders at lower frame rate
– More foliage present compared to PS3/360 version.
– Shadow Rendering is very low for foliage/trees compared to PC.
– Flashlight shadows re present but absent only from the 1st level

– POM absent from Switch version, it was present in PC/PS3/360 versions.
– It might come back to Docked more via a patch later.
– Water Rendering is more akin to the DX11 style rendering.
– Rendering of underwater areas takes a visual hit with almost everything underwater cut off.


– Game suffers from frame time spikes which causes near constant stutter.
– Related to rendering pipeline from the 360/PS3 version which was inherited here
– Target 30 FPS is reached very often and much better than last gen port.
– However, heavy during combat frame rate drops significantly to 17~16 FPS
– Portable plays more or less the same but John prefers playing in portable.
– Some later missions have temporary minor pauses during combat which the dev have said they will address.

– Gyro aiming is present and works well.

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8 thoughts on “Digital Foundry tackles Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch”

    1. Yes, it also depends on the exposure of the developers to the Switch. With time they will even be better. Better than whoever did outworlds.


      1. @Darn

        Outer Worlds is just one of those games where a dev CAN make it run on the system; but they never asked themself SHOULD they make it run on the system?
        Answer being they shuldn’t hav bothered.
        They culd fix small bits with patches but it will never meet a standard tht it shuld, for the Switch.
        It relies way too much on memory bandwidth which the Switch lacks.

    2. Yes it is much higher.
      Much more powerful gpu, faster memory and better ram.
      CPU though? I say roughly better than PS3s Cell processor in terms of power. CPU Architecture though the Switch is better.
      Crysis was made more in mind tht single core performance for future multi-core cpus wuld be the future.
      Turned out tht multi-thread performance wuld be the future. Reason physics and framerate for the game is still kind of iffy. (even more so on modern pc rigs running the original PC release with the 64bit exe)

  1. They cut a mission? Am I the only one most concerned by that? I mean concerned is an exaggeration, I can just not play, but…

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