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North American and European Nintendo Switch Online members can play Pokken Tournament DX for free from 29th July -4th August

Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe have both announced that western Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play the full version of Pokken Tournament DX from 29th July until 11th August. You can pre-download the trial for when it goes live next Wednesday. If you decide to purchase your own copy of the game you will be entitled to a 30% off discount.


  1. I think this is something Nintendo should do more, letting us play games for free for a limited time with NSO. It’ll be like how Sony and Xbox give out free games, except their free games isn’t always worth it. Letting us play good games for limited times help expand out the playerbase and get people interested they otherwise wouldn’t have. I had no interest in ARMS until they had a free trial for it, and while $60 is still a lot for me right now, I’ll probably pick it up one day

  2. This is great me and my brother had so much fun with this game when we were playing with the switch demo, now having the ability to own/rent for free for a week sounds cool to me

  3. Wait, we got arms before an arms character. Could this mean that we might get a Pokémon fighter soon

    1. Not necessarily. I think they did it with ARMS because of two reasons, one of which was COVID, but the other being that it was Nintendo’s newest IP and they wanted to give it another push. While it wasn’t the same as making the game temporarily free-to-play, Nintendo also revived a Splatoon 2 Splatfest during the quarantine period of the pandemic, likely also to promote the game and push it further. The common element with both games? Both were done receiving post-launch support, with ARMS’ final content update in Dec. 2017 and Splatoon’s in July 2019.

      This move with Pokken seems to continue that trend, even if the pandemic is becoming more and more under control (for the most part- it’s still an issue here in the States thanks to large groups of idiots).

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