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Animal Crossing: New Horizons northern hemisphere islands see the second Bug-Off of the season today

The official Isabelle Twitter account has announced that the second Bug-Off of the season begins today in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch and those with islands in the northern hemisphere will be able to participate. See how many bugs you can catch. Good luck to all those who decide to participate in the special event. It will run from 9am until 6pm.

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons northern hemisphere islands see the second Bug-Off of the season today”

  1. Since Nintendo sees how well this game is selling, then they should immediately start a sequel. That way the next generation Nintendo console can also get a big boost in sells. But we already know they wont get started on it until the middle of the Next generation Nintendo when it turns 3 and a half. And because it takes 5 years to make a game assume the next Aninal Crossing will skip the next generation Nintendo console. And people will have to pay additional $400 bucks to play it because it will skip the next generation console.

    How I know? Easy
    Where is Tropical Freeze 2?
    Why is there a big gap in years between Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Luigi’s Mansion 3?
    Where is Luigi Mansion 4?
    Why hasnt Ubisoft and Nintendo worked immediately on Mario Rabbids 2 after seeing it being the 1st best selling 3rd party game on the Switch at that time. Seeing sells like that would make a person think of making a sequel.
    Why is there a big gap in years between Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3?
    Where is Pikmin 4?
    Why didnt they start right away on Metroid Prime 4 after the prequel came out on Wii? That was stupid. Didnt do nothing with Samus after that huh? Now we got to pay another $400 to play Meteoid Prime 4 because I just know it’s not going to be exclusive to the Switch. Kinda of like how Twilight princess was on Gamecube and Wii.

    Since Metroid Prime 3 is about 3 years old, they should start on Metroid Prime 5 immediately after Metroid Primen4 debuts.

    Metroid Prime 3 is like 15 years old now? It doesnt take 15 years to make a sequel so obviously Nintendo didnt do nothing with the game until 2018. What a shame. Now the fans will have to fork more money to play it on the next generation console because they didnt start on the game soon enough when Wii U was still on sell for whatever dumb reason.

    So why didnt Nintendo start on these games when the Switch was called 👉NX?👈 Had they did that, then Switch would had had a momentum of AAA games in 2020 and had a decent Nintendo Direct in 2020.
    That was stupid right there.

    If a console’s life cycle is 5 years and it takes 4 to 6 years to make a game, they why do they wait 8 years to begin the sequel? That strategy causes that sequel to debut every other generation console.

    1. Your obsession with sequels and ranting about them is beginning to teeter on “embarrassing.”

      Luigi’s Mansion 3 was *just* released not even a year ago; you seriously expect them to have a fourth one ready to be released months later, let alone be shown off beforehand? Next Level Games does more than just Luigi’s Mansion you know- they did the Punch-Out!! Wii game and have also done the Mario Strikers games. For all we know, they’re working on Strikers 3, which many people would be happy to see.

      Prime 3 released in September 2007; Prime 4 was announced just under a decade later, not 15 years. Prime 3 was intended to be the finale of the Prime story arc, as Metroid Prime/Dark Samus and Phazon- the core plot elements of the Prime arc- are completely destroyed in 3’s final act. What do you do with something that is finished? You shelve it, *possibly* returning to it later- this might be what the producers did after having time to figure out where they wanted to go next with the series. Besides, it’s not like there was *no* Metroid in the years between Prime 3 and Prime 4’s announcement- a lot of it was just terrible, which is a different problem altogether.

      AC: New Horizons is brand-spankin’ new and is still receiving post-release support and content- do you really think the development team has the resources necessary to focus on the next installment when they’re not even finished with this one? Most AC games are designed to last a long time, with players putting hundreds of hours into them if they so choose, so there’s no need for a sequel right away.

      The only example you raise that carries any weight is Pikmin 4, which at this point might as well be called Schrodinger’s Game because until we see it, it both exists and doesn’t exist.

  2. I wish I went to school for software development. I’ll show these other lazy devlopers how to make sequels sooner rather than later and still get a 10/10 review score. If you an animal Crossing lover, expect the sequel to skip the next generation console.

    1. I disagree with you, respectfully, regarding a potential Animal Crossing sequel. AC has always been a solid seller for Nintendo, but never has it sold like this. No Switch game has. Chalk it up to the pandemic or what-have-you, but regardless this game has sold boatloads. I think paid DLC for New Horizons is an eventual possibility. And I would be almost shocked to not see a sequel on the next gen system. They have investors to please after all and I am sure they’ll be relentless on the topic. With that being said, I don’t think it would ever be ready for a launch title, so it’s still many years away. But it won’t be skipping a generation in my opinion.

  3. They also need to start in Astral Chain 2 immediately. If they work on the game now the it could debut on the next generation console. They they work on it at the end if the Switch’s life cycle then it probably will bypass the next console and debut two generation consoles later from the Switch.

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