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Mega Man live-action movie ‘big news’ coming soon



It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard, well, anything, about the live-action Mega Man film. We reported on it back in late 2018 when it was announced that one was in the works, but now thanks to directors Henry Joost and Rel Schulman who recently spoke with IGN, we have an update and we can expect to get some news about it soon. Shulman also takes the time to share his love of the franchise.

“We’re super excited about it. I think we’re gonna have some big news about it soon. I can’t say all that much right now, but it’s a project very near and dear to our hearts and we’re psyched.” – Joost

“The first Nintendo video game I ever played. I like that he’s an underdog hero and both of us are deeply fascinated with robotics and the future of automation, for better and for worse. I think trying to combine that into one of our favorite historical video games is the ultimate challenge.” – Schulman

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18 thoughts on “Mega Man live-action movie ‘big news’ coming soon”

  1. Ah yes. This feeling.. it’s the same feeling I had when they announced a live action Sonic movie. I gave that feeling a name. I call it “Uh oh.”

  2. This is the same feeling when they announced a live action Pokemon movie and a animated Mario movie. I wonder if Pac-Man ever get a chance to chance to have a movie.

    1. Not in this day and age. It’s gonna be a SJW strong wahmen are better than stupid privileged men atrocity.

  3. As long as they get a cis male that’s either white or Asian to play Mega Man, it can’t be that bad. Shoot. I’ve been waiting so long for a live action Mega Man film, I would probably watch it even if they don’t.

    1. Obvious troll post is obvious. People who only want cis white males in movies don’t actually use the term “cis”, except when making fun of it.

    2. Lol at cis, funny ppl with their funny words. Why would you even bring that into the conversation. MegaMan is a robot let’s get some agender action going on in there that’s the true money maker.

      1. It’s legit enough. And how do we the know this film won’t just retell the origins of Mega Man yet again, just as Ruby Spears and Archie Comics has done.

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