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CrossCode for the Nintendo Switch gets big performance update

The well-received action role-playing game, CrossCode for the Nintendo Switch, has received a rather handy software update which fixes some of the main issues reviewers found with the Switch version. The developers behind the game have now released the patch which fixes the performances issues below. You can watch a trailer for the game here.

  • Fixed the botanics menu crash
  • Fixed the traders menu crash
  • Fixed the Switch exclusive boss battle fight bugs
  • Fixed multiple smaller issues
  • Fixed NPCs in towns and overland causing performance issues
  • Fixed the audio lag caused by performance issues
  • Fixed Japanese bugs


6 thoughts on “CrossCode for the Nintendo Switch gets big performance update”

    1. If you’re thinking about getting it, let me be the first to tell you that you don’t wanna pass this one up. This is my GOTY and I’m only halfway through! You won’t regret buying it.

      1. Well you definitely moved it up on my purchase list that’s for sure lol how is the story telling, is it decent ? I saw pieces of dialogue in the trailer and was surprised since these games tend to give very little written storytelling.

    2. The story doesn’t really heat up until you’ve played for a while, but it’s surprisingly good when it does (and it’s not bad before that point but nothing special). I don’t think it will let you down on the story front. Just avoid spoilers!

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