A Super Mario 64 enemy found in leaks has been added to game

A new unreleased enemy has been discovered within the Super Mario 64 source code and has now been successfully added to the game. That enemy is Motos, who is kind of like King Bomb, who wasn’t used in the final version of the classic video game. PC modders Arthurtilly (code) and AWiseguyEh (model & animation) have added Motos into the platformer and you can see him in action in the video below!

“The model, animations and all the code was present. “The code suggested that he shared a lot in common with bullies (referred to as “Otos”) and would have been present in Lethal Lava Land, so this is where I put him.”




  1. It doesn’t function that much differently from a Chukkya. I guess Nintendo decided they don’t need two enemies that do the same thing, even if they do it in slightly different fashions.

    1. Wouldn’t that be hypocritcal considering koopa troopa, and red koopa troopa do the same thing except green keeps walking to the left while red will turn as soon as he sees something in his way, I always forget that theres a lot of Mario enemies with slight variations

  2. I love these kinda stories. Finding hidden stuff in old game’s source code, always interesting.

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