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Universal Orlando’s Super Nintendo World delayed indefinitely due to the pandemic

Universal Orlando has confirmed today that the upcoming Super Nintendo World attraction has been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Super Nintendo World was set to open in 2023, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to that. Super Nintendo World in Japan is due to open later this year. Universal Orlando said in a recent report that Epic Universe will not be meeting its 2023 opening date. Here’s what was said:

“We are continually adjusting our cost base and capital, including pausing development of our Epic Universe project in Florida, for example, until the future becomes more certain.”

Jeff Shell, CEO of NBCUniversal.


4 thoughts on “Universal Orlando’s Super Nintendo World delayed indefinitely due to the pandemic”

  1. At this point, I wish the virus would just kill us all off, because:


    The one year a live-action video game movies is actually good…

    1. My thoughts exactly, this country is just f*cked up beyond all reason.
      Sad part is the only time I ever feel peaceful is when I’m asleep, and to be honest every time I pray I never wake up to this bulls***.
      So glad my grandmother passed away long before this s**t happened, so glad her last days were peaceful and she never has to witness this s**t.

      1. At least nothing gets canceled in heaven.

        Maybe Iwata greenlit several proper sequels to TTYD, with inspiration from Jim Henson and Yamauchi (the man who created the Game Boy/Wonderswan).

  2. Bummer. But I wouldn’t wanna go to Florida of all places for this park. I’d rather sell an eyeball to afford a trip to Japan’s Mario Park.

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