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Image & Form says its not done making SteamWorld games, Nintendo part of future plans

Image & Form Games’s relationship with Nintendo has always been strong with the developer and their SteamWorld franchise always popping up on Nintendo consoles. The studio has gone on to develop multiple titles that have often gone down favourably with gamers. But now, according to Brjann Sigurgeirsson, the CEO of developer Image & Form, they’re not quite done making SteamWorld games. Not only that, but he made a clear point that Nintendo is part of their future plans. He said to Kotaku the following:

“SteamWorld is indeed closely associated with Nintendo. And we certainly haven’t made our last SteamWorld game. Nintendo Switch (and future Nintendo consoles) are natural parts of those plans.”

Brjann Sigurgeirsson speaking to Kotaku.

Although the Studio’s next game, Gunk, isn’t headed to Nintendo Switch, it’s good to know that Image & Form is keeping Nintendo in high regard. Given Nintendo’s recent sales figures, it’s understandable why.

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2 thoughts on “Image & Form says its not done making SteamWorld games, Nintendo part of future plans”

  1. The classic Steamworld formula is still the best. I wish they would make some challange mode where you can compete online. Something like an endless digging mode where it gets harder the deeper you go.

  2. To bad the new game isn’t coming to Switch. I have all there other games and have enjoyed them. Maybe Switch 2.

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