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Golf Story sequel ‘Sports Story’ delayed

Sidebar Games, the developers behind Nintendo Switch exclusive title Sports Story, has announced that the Golf Story sequel has been delayed. In a statement on Twitter, Sidebar advised that the delay was due to its ambitious plans and the want to get everything in the game. There’s no new release window as of yet – it was slated for a mid-2020 release – but we’ll keep an eye out for any further developments. Sidebar Games did however follow up their announcement with a tasteful ‘delay trailer’ for fans to watch which can you view for yourself below:

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5 thoughts on “Golf Story sequel ‘Sports Story’ delayed”

    1. I agree, Kantenstain. This year has sucked! And it’s only going to continue sucking until a vaccine is finally made that works. I’m sick of always worrying that my family might catch the virus. Now I just heard my nephew started pre-school today. I was like, WHAT? And pre-school isn’t even important. (- _ -)
      Sorry, I’m just frustrated about that. But about this game, I didn’t even know a sequel was coming.

  1. Man, I’m SO incredibly backed up with games that even sequels are coming out to games I haven’t even had a chance to play yet. It’s crazy. I could never say something like that about a Zelda or Mario game, since those games takes ages to develop. You’d think development time would be much faster with today’s technology and all of the hundreds of people working on the games.

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