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Pokemon user interface designer asks for feedback for future Pokemon games

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David Gibson, who is the user interface designer for the popular Pokemon series of video games, has asked fans for feedback of what they would like improved in future games in the franchise. He says in the tweet that the company wants to ship the next game in the series with the best top end experience possible and that user feedback would prove to be invaluable. If you have any suggestions then send him a tweet at @AJapaneseDream

17 thoughts on “Pokemon user interface designer asks for feedback for future Pokemon games”

  1. There are lots of problems with the newer entries in the series, but UI is not something that has irked me. In terms of UX, I don’t recall any specific tasks or prompts that were overly cumbersome or difficult to understand. So at least those two aspects of the games are good, if my memory serves me right.

  2. The UI/ux is probably the least of their problems. They need a complete overhaul of the game to start, I’m not a fan of the recent sword/shield to put it lightly.

  3. I wanted all the previous legendary Pokémon to be transferable to sword and shield before crown tundra. I wanted Avery, Hop, Allister and Gordie to be attractive females.

  4. Since I can’t tweet, I’ll post it here. I don’t ask for much from Pokémon. I just want Raichu to have a mega evolution, Red’s name to be changed to Ash, and AshxMisty to be canon. Also, if you could bring back every Pokémon, that would be nice.

    1. This is just one individual asking, and it’s the individual responsible for working on the game’s UI. Naturally, they’re only asking for UI feedback. Everything else wouldn’t make much sense.

      1. He still has the task assigned to him from the company, or at very least got the resources to make his own decisions in the company place. He’s not some rouge employee following his own agenda. I also understand he’s not the one to change core gameplay elements of the games.

        It was just a passive aggressive comment from me. I do understand this probably isn’t a high cost task compared to other aspects of the game, and little recourses – in the grand scheme of things – are put into this. Just my way of stating my view of the games, without being overly toxic.

  5. All of that is fine. It’s everything else that would have to be changed to make me care about Pokemon again. The series has become very stale imo. I actually enjoyed Let’s Go more than SwSh. At least LG had some new ideas.

    1. Like not letting you battle wild Pokemon, gaining exp from permanent Pokemon catches (until to release them one by one), and giving Pikachu/Eevee several type-coverage moves with corny patronizing names.

      Baddy Bad!? Not even the most devoted and veteran Pokemon Champion would have that come out of their mouth.

  6. I want to re battle enemies on the game again like they did on Gold and Silver back then. That made it more challenging to win.

    And stop making it easy to defend. We been playing it since 1910. I dont need to easily win.

    I’m not the best with fractions, but with the battle mode can yall make the Pokemon less stiff with more action?

    And lastly, cant yall build a built in Pokemon Bank? And have the Pokemon with those higher levels have the game meet those levels when they battle with Ekans that sneak?

    It’s so easy to be over level, almost like just hand me the shovel.

    That’s all I can think of for now, but yall better start right away on the next game or I’ll have a cow.

    1. Correction:And lastly, cant yall build a built in Pokemon Bank? And have the Pokemon with those higher levels have the game meet those levels when they battle with Ekans that 👉snake👈?

  7. Now I’m thinking of it, why havent yall made a Pokemon Stadium 3? Dont yall think that would be the Pokemon Game to Be? And make people capture Pokemon Eevee?

    1. I can imagine it now. At this point, the Gym Leader Castle will be BLOATED (since we’re dealing with a gap from Hoenn to Galar). Not to mention the rental Pokemon list.

      The only reason anyone would side with GameFreak’s “too many Pokemon to program” excuse, is because they themselves are overwhelmed just thinking about it, without having any idea how it works or how it could work.

  8. How about asking people about creative mistakes, such as:

    -Less than 100 new Pokemon each region since Kalos
    -Less opportunities to grind all your Pokemon and actually use them in enough battles during the post-game (Small Court, Big Stadium, Black City, Le Wow Restaurant).
    -Removing wild/trainer-owned Audino from late/post-game areas, where they would normally be high-leveled.
    -Not being able to obtain event Pokemon in the game as you did in the past (Southern Island Latias/Latios, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus)
    -Smart phone-exclusive Pokemon (and means to evolve them) locked behind Pokemon GO.
    -GTS locked behind a smart phone.
    -Having to re-catch a Pokemon you already own, or evolve it if it didn’t get registered in the dex of the current game. When you migrate a Pokemon, you should get data on its pre-evolutions as well (assuming it has memories of evolving). I migrate a Gengar, but have to catch a Gastly, and then train it to evolve into Haunter, just to complete the Pokedex, and fill up my PC with throwaway Pokemon. Imagine if the anime did this….
    -Giving temporary Mega Evolutions to Pokemon that can still evolve (Sableye, Mawile, Audino).
    -Scrapping existing Mega Evolutions (not being able to mega-evolve Pokemon at all)
    -Making the Pokemon bigger, and then lying about animations/assets.
    -Ignoring several ideas for Mega Evolutions and then claiming you couldn’t come up with any. Flygon says hi.
    -Giving evolution lines to legendary and mythical Pokemon (Solgaleo, Lunala, Meltan).
    -Only having Pokemon follow you in every other game (usually remakes and third versions of games people already own).
    -Scrapping an actual Hall of Fame, along with any incentive to train every new-gen Pokemon and record each team.

    And those are just the obvious mistakes. I’m sure people will have more complains than just the recurring ones I mentioned.

  9. I want to block Allister, Gordie and Hop from Wyndon rematches. Shauna had a weaker team than Hop but she was a cute girl I wanted to date. Bea and Melony are better than Allister and Hop. I want to remove Avery from my game because Klara is better. Faba (psychic), Dexio (psychic), Olivia (rock) and Acerola (ghost) are better than Avery, Gordie and Allister. Bede is better than Avery because he did not replace a cute girl.

  10. Wow none of the comments actually answer the guy’s question. People seize d the opportunity to just criticise the series.

    Poor guy just wanted to improve the UI/UX which I believe is great as is.

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