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Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World announced for Nintendo Switch

There’s a new Wonder Boy game in the works and the series creator is at the helm. The game is Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World and it is scheduled to launch next year on Nintendo Switch. The game has brought together the members of the original development team and a full reveal is due on Saturday.  STUDIOARTDINK and ININ Games are developing Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World and it stars Asha from Wonder Boy IV. Team members include series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, original composer Shinichi Sakamoto, plus character designer Maki Ōzora and creative manager, Takanori Kurihara.

This next entry in the Wonder Boy series stars the titular Asha, the protagonist of 1994’s Wonder Boy IV. She is assisted by her flying, blue Pepelogoo (a creature also originally from Wonder Boy IV), and together the two of them must set off to save the world – what exactly is threatening it, however, we don’t know quite yet. Excitingly, this will be the first game in the history of the series to be fully voiced, with the announcement describing Asha and other characters as “lively and talkative.”



19 thoughts on “Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World announced for Nintendo Switch”

  1. Sure, pick the Wonder Boy game with a female protagonist to finally give voice-acting to.

    I know I’ll get hate for this comment (because the comment section is pick-up-and-play for those wanting to roast others), but I’m in a particular bad mood and didn’t feel like staying silent.

    1. Just curious, what do you have against a female protagonist? Is it because most of the Wonder Boy games have male protags?

      Cause whenever I have the option to pick a female character I sure as hell take it.

      1. Yeah I perfer picking a female characters over male character unless its a life sim game, but yeah, aman is right kinda weird to have a series called wonderboy and than have the next main character a female protag, really contradicts the series if you ask me, probably would be better if you had an option to select boy or girl.

        1. Yeah that is true.
          I kinda liked the Dragon’s Trap exactly because of that. Simple yet effective female character design.

    2. this is literally one of the stupidest reasons to get pissed at this game. maybe they chose her because she is the only character from the series to have any kind of real “personality” given to her and is a fan favorite? What do you think she is muscled up Abbey from the Last of Us or something?

    3. “I’m not a female, so I can’t identity with one for an entire game.”

      What a truly odd thing to say; possibly the most petty remark I’ve ever seen on this site. When did identifying with a protagonist in a game to enjoy it become a thing? Have I been living a lie all these years?

      How should us female gamers feel then? 90% of the time, and even more often in the pre 2000’s we were forced to play with male protagonists for the simple reason that nearly every game has them. Are you saying that we should have rejected those games and thus missed out on those experiences too?

      Sorry, but if you can only identify with characters based solely on what gender they are then you are doing it wrong. It’s shared personality and philosophy that should link you to characters. Also, you don’t need to personally identify with a character to enjoy the games or their stories anyway. You think I identify on a personal level with Mario? The answer is no, but I love the character and the games. I suppose you must not play many games, but then if a characters gender is all you need to relate to it then who knows? I’m going to say maybe?

      You seem to be fishing for attention with these posts and then getting upset that people respond to it. Did you ever think that maybe you deserve to “roasted” as you put it for being so petty? You seem quite insecure making such a declaration, maybe even sexist, who knows. What I do know is that I am glad I am not, and will never be this petty. Also, plenty of amazing games have female protagonists and you will miss out on all of them, but then, you and I probably couldn’t be further apart on the games we like going by what I’ve seen you post previously, so this is no surprise.

      That said, to at least try to say something on topic; I have no interest in this game.

      1. I don’t care how justified you sound, or how much of a kick you get out of sounding like an elitist prick-shit!

        That doesn’t make it okay. I’m not trying to form some hardcore hate rally against this game. I simply spoke my opinion. I have every god-given right to my opinion. And if you don’t like it, you can kindly shut the flying fuck up and leave me the fuck alone!

        FUCK OFF!!!!!

    4. You’ll get “hate” for this comment because it’s kind of a weird thing to be mad about, almost to the point that it makes no sense. Or really, it makes sense, but you’re mad because you think they’re giving special attention to this game purely because the main character is a female, disregarding the rest of the game entirely.

      I’m sorry you can’t relate to a female protagonist. Sometimes, I can’t either, but you seem to take the fact that they’re giving this game voice acting as a personal attack. I’m sorry you’re in a bad mood, and I have no idea what your real life situations are, but I think you’re being a bit over dramatic about a video game.

      Take a deep breathe, it’s going to be okay.

    5. Oh wow, okay…. was not expecting that reaction. Well, thank you for proving my point. (That you are petty)

      Also, I will not be having any further dialog with you in the future as I can see that is clearly a waste of time as you do not engage with it, and very likely based on that response, it’s doubtful that you read what I wrote anyway; I never attacked you (I did call you petty, but honestly you are, so it’s not an attack just an observation) nor do I even like this game. A word of advice before I go though; never post anything in a public forum that you don’t want a response to. It’s just as simple as that. Good day sir.

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