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Nintendo’s Research and Development team looking at cutting-edge tech and improvements to battery life

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated today during the Nintendo Management Briefing Session that its Research and Development team is currently exploring cutting-edge technology, how intuitive it will be for users to use, and how to further improve all-important battery life. Previously the team had been looking at conventional technology in an effort to reduce pricing for the consumer on its various products.


  1. Now this is a piece of news I’m here for. I honestly think the battery life is fine as is unless you’re playing BotW which is unfair to experience on handheld imo.

    You’re missing a lot if u don’t play it on Full HD screen.

      1. Fortnite has cars you can drive around now but they run out of gas and you have to find a gas station or gas can before the you run out if you want to keep driving, the tony stark cars that you can steal from stark industries however do not need gas at all and seem to run on some sort of special energy that i’m assuming is similar to how his suit is powered.

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