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Rumour: Tom Holland eyed to play Link in Netflix Legend of Zelda

Sources have told We Got This Covered that Nintendo is working with Netflix to bring The Legend of Zelda series or a movie to the popular streaming service. The site points out that their source has recently got a number of leaks correct within the movie and entertainment world. The actor that Netflix and Nintendo is supposedly eyeing up to play the adventurous Link is none other than Spider-Man Homecoming actor, Tom Holland. Whether there’s any truth to this remains to be seen, but Nintendo themselves have expressed interest in carefully licensing out their properties for movie and entertainment purposes.


20 thoughts on “Rumour: Tom Holland eyed to play Link in Netflix Legend of Zelda”

  1. I HATE when something I’m actually interested in goes to Netflix. Because I don’t have Netflix, nor do I care anything about it. So anything that remains a Netflix exclusive is something I’ll never see as long as I live. I swear, if I hear the Mario movie they’re working on is a Netflix exclusive, I’m gonna die.

    1. Most Netflix exclusives aren’t even good, there’re a few hidden gems there, but most of them are either horrible edits or butcher shows, I don’t really like celebrities voicing video game characters it just doesn’t seem right since they already have established voices and to just hear random celeb like dwayne, or whoever to voice the certain character just puts me off its kinda of the reason I couldn’t watch movie sonic because he sounds even more annoying than Roger sonic, and he isn’t even on the same level as Ryan and Jason sonic

    2. as someone who has Netflix, I can tell you, its not like you’re missing that much. I think its a good thing to have, but if it wasn’t for my wife, I probably wouldn’t pay for it.
      Ask yourself the question: which medium is the one, Zelda profits most from? Film? Or videogames?
      For me the answer is pretty simple and any movieversion of any videogamebrand I like will always remain fairly uninteresting as it can never reproduce the emotion and immersion a videogame’s interactivity creates. Also, after 200 hours of breath of the wild, why should I watch a 90 minute western movie? It all makes no sense.

      As I use to say: the only movie of a videogame that I can imagine would be fun to watch would be Tetris the movie.
      If you make a movie of a game, that already delivers both story as well as interaction, you always end up cutting away one of the very crucial parts.

  2. Behind the scenes footage on the spiderman blu ray really made me respect him. He does basically all the wire work and many stunts even though he has a mask on.

  3. I find it a little difficult to imagine Tom Holland as the silent, stoic protagonist of The Legend of Zelda after seeing him so often as a wise-cracking webslinger with teenage dilemmas.

    That being said, I wasn’t even aware there was a Legend of Zelda show announced

  4. A Zelda series or movie is the sort of thing you always think that you want……. until you spend some time sorting out how that would actually work. The games are primarily atmospherically driven, with little to no dialogue. Link’s character would have to be written from scratch, and they’d have to either give him a whole team of companions so the show has dialogue, or constantly invent reasons for him to go to town.

    Can it be done well? Sure. But the odds are against it in a big way. SO many ways to screw it up.

  5. I can’t vouch for every Netflix show, but I have enjoyed Lady Dynamite, Big Mouth, Wet Hot American Summer, Castlevania, GLOW, Mindhunter, w/ Bob and David and F is for Family. I know they have some stinkers, but the enjoyment I got from the shows above gives me some hope. I think they are relatively good about letting creators fulfill their vision without too much interference from execs. Fingers crossed they do Legend of Zelda justice, hire passionate people with talent, and don’t just hire people with a lot of Twitter followers.

    Also, Tom Hardy said like 10 lines in Mad Max Fury Road, and that is one of the best movies ever. Main characters don’t need to be blabber mouths if the writer and director are good. But it is a video game adaptation, so we are rightfull in keeping our expectations low.

  6. He looks nothing like link. No amount of make up and prosthetics can make him look like Link I sorry.

    This is obviously a smart move to continue tapping into the younger demographic towards Zelda as a franchise. Gen z literally worship Ton Holland.

    Also he’s one of the most talkative actors so for him to portray a silent hero would be very out of place. I could name so many other actors who’d fit better as Link; Timothee Chalamet, Cole Sprouse, MILES HEIZER, Gage Munroe, Joel Courtney and Devin Druid.

  7. No. Tom Holland continues to ruin my favorite video game characters, first Nathan Drake, now Link. What’s next Luigi? Why doesn’t he play characters that would actually fit him? Like Ash or Ness maybe?

  8. He’s got the boyish looks down for someone to play Link at least. After playing a big mouth like Spider-Man, playing a character that doesn’t talk much would definitely let him show his acting range if he can pull it off. Wouldn’t mind a talking Link, though. Provided it’s nothing like that cartoon from back in the day. Link should talk when it’s something very meaningful. Something akin to Silent Bob.

  9. It’s a tragedy, seeing (potentially) Nintendo working with a pedofile service carrying an extreme political agenda, such as Netflix…
    This will forever label the sacred franchise that is The Legend of Zelda and surely more to come.

  10. It’s a tragedy, seeing (potentially) Nintendo working with a pedofile service carrying an extreme political agenda, such as Netflix…
    This will forever label the sacred franchise that is The Legend of Zelda and surely more to come.

  11. Uh no.
    Legitimately any other actor over Tom Holland please. And no not because he’s over saturated the industry but because his entire physical aura and acting chops are a total mismatch.

    This is like having Chris Pratt play Alucard in a live action Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

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