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Capcom talks Monster Hunter Rise details such as framerate and post launch support

EMEA Capcom Community Manager Josh Dahdrai was recently interviewed by Youtube channel, Arekkz Gaming. The interview was entered around the recently announced Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch system. Mr. Dahdrai talked about the game’s post-launch support, frame rate, and more. Here’s a roundup of the key points.

  • Built upon the seamless exploration of Monster Hunter World
  • Players and monsters can move between areas without loading screens
  • More creatures will be shown in the coming months
  • One of the game’s features is the broad variety of monster types
  • Free content after launch
  • Using RE Engine reconfirmed
  • Targeting 30 frames per second
  • Traditional but fresh Monster Hunter experience
  • Retains all of the DNA of the Monster Hunter series
  • Not considered a derivative or spin-off title
  • The Monster Hunter team is more interested in naming the products in a way that represents what they have to offer

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  1. “Targeting 30 frames per second” you don’t target 30fps. You keep working until it runs at 30fps 99% of the time!
    “Not considered a derivative or spin-off title” if you don’t clearly state it’s a main title THEN IT ISN’T ONE! Not considered a spin-off title means it is a spin-off title! It means Capcom said “let’s do a small side project for the Switch, so they have something to bite on while we work for the real Monster Hunter for real consoles”.

    1. “you don’t target 30fps. You keep working until it runs at 30fps 99% of the time!” That’s what targeting 30fps means. Also, ‘saying it’s not spin-off means it’s a spin-off’ is the stupidest logic I’ve ever heard. If the game is the same size and holds all the mechanics and more than the game on the other consoles, how is it any less of a real Monster Hunter game than those.

      1. That’s not what targeting 30fps means you dumbfuck! It means the goal is 30 fps instead of 60 (or anything inbetween). EVERY BROKEN GAME ON THE SWITCH THAT RUNS AT 20FPS AVERAGE IS ALSO TARGETING 30FPS!!!!! And yes saying it’s not a spin-off is PR speech for calming people’s minds BUT YOU’RE TOO DAMN STUPID TO GET THAT! They don’t call it THE NEXT ENTRY IN THE MAIN SERIES because IT ISN’T!!!!!

      2. Also they didn’t say “it’s not a spin-off” they said “it’s not considered a spin-off”. Again that’s PR speech that’s supposed to trap idiots like you. And you fell for it because you can’t even read.

      3. Thank you so much, someone with comprehension ability… Comprehension is like a talent now, everyone doesn’t have it …lol

    2. That’s the most fanboy comment I’ve read all week. This game must have put knots in your stomach, eh?

      Must suck seeing how amazing Monster Hunter Rise looks, given your reaction. I hope the Nintendo fanboys rub it in your face daily.

      1. This comment is 3 months old. Just shows how desperate you are. You are a fucking pathetic little human being.

  2. “One of this game’s features is the broad variety of monster types”
    I like the sound of that! I remember back in MH4 when they got super creative with their monsters, from what we’ve seen so far looks like we’ll be getting that again.
    Funnily enough MH4 was also big on verticality, which obviously this new one is going wild with.
    Can’t wait to play Monster Hunter 4-2 then

      1. There is no reply button under Gaspode’s comment so I am replying here. Monster variety is not the same as monster amount.

    1. If i remember right the og 3ds and 2ds was capped at 30fps or it was uncapped but rarely went above 30fps? I don’t remember precisely.

      It did play very fluid on my New 3DS though.

      1. I don’t remember any caps on 3DS, but a friend of mine always said “3DS CAN’T RUN 60 FPS IN 3D”, while Smash Bros absolutely did. Might have been a cap, but it at least got removed with N3DS

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