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Rumor: An ad at Japanese retailers may be suggesting that a Smash character reveal is imminent

It has been a lengthy waiting game for fans hyped for who will be revealed as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s next character, but there’s signs that the wait is almost over. An advertisement has begun showing up at Japanese retailers promoting the second Fighters Pass, with a notice that the ad will be removed on October 4th.

This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, the last time this happened, Nintendo revealed a character a few days before the ad removal took place. So, it’s looking very likely that a character reveal is very close to happening. A picture of the ad, as well as a tweet by the person that took the picture and relayed the news, is down below.


    1. it wouldnt be this week if its afew days before the posters removed, we do have tgs and more age of calamity news late this week though

  1. I haven’t really enjoyed the dlc characters in this game. They’re all pretty spammy and don’t really have much depth to them. I can’t say I actually like to play with any of them.

    1. They are pretty interesting especially joker and terry. But thats just my opinion watch pro players to see how the characters look in the hands of someone that isnt a laggy wifi spammer

    2. My sentiments exactly – this time I bought characters separately (Banjo and Byleth) as I don’t care / know / have affections for the other 4 characters.

  2. While the ad going down has pointed to character reveals multiple times, it’s also meant absolutely nothing just as many. Though I did leave a prediction on YouTube saying we’ll get a character reveal in October. So if it’s correct i suspect a lot of people thinking I’m some leaker.

  3. I think the next character DLC Fighter pass 2 will be revealed at the end of September. So, I’m not a bit hyped for this, So i would not get my hopes up on the character reveal. We just have to find it in October.

  4. Travis Touchdown and Paper Mario will make me purchase this second pass. Not getting ripped off again, cuz the first pass absolutely sucked. Terry was the only good character in that.

  5. i haven’t bought the smash pass part 2 yet cause min min don’t do it for me.
    so hopefully it’s a reveal i am hyped about. might even be someone from hyrule warriors since the sequel was just announced.

  6. Just as long as the next fighter is a good one. I know Sakurai only saves the good ones for every third DLC in Ultimate so far (Hero and Byleth), but Min Min left a bad taste in my mouth.

  7. Bev/DX : So I Think This Next DLC Fighter Might reveal I’m a good Nintendo insider and know were the nintendo leaks/ rumors are coming from for DLC 7 near October 4th between September And October Maybe it’s that they wil reveal Big Character but I’m predicting that his dlc fighter will hint crash bandicoot as our next fighter in developement and release until Oct 4th.

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