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Mass Effect trilogy remaster called Legendary Edition and is currently not planned for Nintendo Switch

Venturebeat reporter and known games industry leaker Jeff Grubb has now heard that the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch after all. Mr. Grubb said back in May that he had heard the Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy would come to Nintendo Switch. He now says that EA has a number of video games headed to the Switch platform but “Mass Effect is definitely not one of them.” Hopefully it is in development for Switch as it would definitely be great to experience it portably.

“EA has multiple games coming to Nintendo Switch and Mass Effect is definitely not one of them,” Grubb said. “Not yet, anyhow. If that happens, it won’t happen in that one-year window that they talked about in their last shareholder meeting.”


10 thoughts on “Mass Effect trilogy remaster called Legendary Edition and is currently not planned for Nintendo Switch”

  1. Of course it isn’t 🙄. They can at least just release the one from the PS3/360, doesn’t have to be remastered but knowing EA they won’t even do that

  2. ME3 didn’t sell well on Wii U, but that’s understandable since it released on a plattform uknown to this series and without it’s prequels. Would have been nice to have these on the go though. Incredible games.

    1. And on top of that they released it at the same time as the Mass Effect Trilogy collection for the other consoles which doomed it even more.

      And then they complained that it didn’t sell well after they made a half-assed attempt to bring the series over.

  3. Well yah, they’ll have to strip it down of extras and features I’m sure just to get it to run properly on Switch.

    Games like this really have no place on Nintendo consoles. I’m honestly shocked The Outer Worlds even came to Switch and that even took a beating for performance issues. I was super excited to potentially play it on Switch. After reading about it, I’d rather pay LESS for the game and play it on PC where it didn’t have said issues.

    I love Nintendo, but I often catch myself saying to myself ” wow, all this time wasted on maintaining an image”

    It’s not like they don’t have the funds or ability to compete. They just don’t want/have to anymore…

    1. “Games like this really have no place on Nintendo consoles”

      This is nonsense, any game can come to any system if its possible, if it doesn’t work that’s another story. If it was up to you I probably wouldn’t have got to play Doom, LA Noire, Witcher 3 etc all of which were great.

    2. Monster Hunter Rise, The Witcher 3, Crysis one want a word with you. Don’t try to state things when you can’t even develop a game of these threes caliber. Let alone breath of the Wild one, prequel and 2 are Switch bound. Yet here you are trying to share your vast knowledge of game development.


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