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Nintendo has issued a DMCA takedown to an adult Princess Peach game that received updates for 8 years

Nintendo has issued a DMCA take-down on Peach’s Untold Tale, a pornographic Princess Peach game. Going to the free adult game’s page will now greet you with a public DMCA message, saying that “the copyrighted works are Nintendo’s characters and audio-visual works from its Super Mario video game franchise”. The game originally launched in 2012, and had been receiving updates since. The most recent update was on April 19th, 2020.


24 thoughts on “Nintendo has issued a DMCA takedown to an adult Princess Peach game that received updates for 8 years”

  1. Ok this is very strange. I never even know this game existed until Nintendo take action on the game and the guy who made it. Making money off Nintendo beloved characters and IPs is against there policy.

    1. The game was made for free to anyone tht wanted it.
      His Patreon was optional if u wanted to support him, since he was planning to use tht money for his next project after.
      Besides he has more or less abandoned it back in Dec 2018. (mostly due to life issues and as well as the pandemic)
      Besides he is in like 2 other site forums he keeps updates on tht are mostly obscure.

      He was nearly done with the game as well. Halfway finishing the 8th and final world.
      Over 300+ OwO scenes

    2. What about artists who get commissioned for drawing Nintendo characters? Plus Peach’s Untold Story was a freeware game. People were never charges for it. I.e, he was not making money off of it.

    1. Mmmhs sounds like something a h**** person would say (I know your joking , but yeah I only censor the sexy word because I don’t know if my nintendo allows it or not)

  2. What is this like bowser banging princess peach every boss fight or something?

    Lol anyway moving on. Smash bros imminent reveal plz.

  3. That’s disgusting! Where can you even find this filth now? I need to know so I can report it to my uncle, who works at Nintendo.

  4. I find it amazing they sought for this at the end of Flash’s life time, but they never went after the original flash fangame that existed for decades, Playshapes’ Mario is Missing.

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