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Kirby Fighters 2 listing pops up on the Nintendo website

It seems Kirby fans have a reason to celebrate today as it appears as though Nintendo accidentally put up a listing for the previously unannounced Kirby Fighters 2 on the Nintendo Switch play website. The first Kirby Fighters title was available for the now discontinued Nintendo 3DS as a mini game in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Kirby Fighters 2 is set to be a standalone game and Nintendo will clearly provide more details about the game in the near future.

Choose from a cast of Kirby’s most iconic copy abilitiesβ€”including the brand-new Wrestler abilityβ€”and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede also make an appearance as playable characters in the Kirby Fighters 2 game, available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.

Nintendo website

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    Playable Bandana Dee?

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