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Nintendo has discontinued the Nintendo 3DS system

Nintendo has now discontinued the popular Nintendo 3DS system. The Japanese website says “out of production” on each Nintendo 3DS product page. The North American Nintendo website has erased all mention of the system. It seems that Nintendo is now completely focussed on Nintendo Switch .



    1. Dang… it’s been almost 10 years? It was one heck of a ride! 😭😭😭
      Seems like recently I was stressing out trying to get the MajorasMask edition. xD
      My final version is a New3DS XL SuperFamicom edition that I hardmodded with a US motherboard from my MajorasMask edition. :)

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    1. Funny, I was just thinking about this last night. SNES had Game Boy reader, DS could natively read GBA, GameCube had the GameBoy Advance Player add on, and 3DS could play DS. My thought was that Nintendo could sell an add on that lets you play 3DS games on the Switch with gyro style cursor for the touch controls in dock and native touch for handheld. The system would be held vertically in handheld and dock would display vertically as well.

      No idea how feasible this is, but it seemed cool enough to remember

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  1. And then it has trouble keeping up with the PS5 and Xbox Series X….. (especially when certain developers get pretentious and refuse to downgrade their games for the Switch).


  2. I owned the original 3ds, the XL, another Smash themed XL, and a “new” 3ds XL.
    Within that time, I moved to 3 different houses, went to college, and lost contact with so many friends, while still having some very good ones in my life, who I continue to game with.
    Time sure goes by fast. Almost 10 years.
    Man, I’m so old :( I miss the simpler times.
    Thanks for the fun games and memories, Nintendo.

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  3. Even though it had some great games and features it’s probably my least favourite handheld from Nintendo. It’s the only new system since the Gameboy advance that I didn’t get at launch and I just never really had as much fun with it as I did with others, not quite sure why though. Still a really good system but it’s had more than enough time in the sun. Did well to go on as long as it did after such a rocky start, had a pretty impressive turnaround.

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    1. Fire Emblem Awakening. One of the greatest games ever made. 3DS’s great gem that all should play. I would actually call it the best fire emblem game. Even Path of radiance is pleased with it.


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  4. Damn, I was expecting a sale or price drop before total discontinuation. I’ve been meaning to buy one for my friend’s kid, it seems like the perfect system to give to a young person, with the ability to put classic games on there. Maybe stores will discount the system now, not sure if they’re allowed to or would.


    1. Wait till black friday it might be on sale for $40 or $60, also the 3ds was my second starting system I played wii first but didn’t have too many games big first party games, 3ds games were cheap so this was where I got introduced to most of nintendo big franchises.

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  5. I’ve owned almost every nintendo handheld model since GBC, and 3DS XL was definitely one of the best. It’s sad it has to go since the Switch Lite didn’t wow me more than 3DS XL (Switch is too big for a handheld, and I refuse to be tethered to my tv. lol) I’m really hoping a new Switch comes out before my extended warranty expires so I can trade my Lite. XD

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